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Close-up shot of an elegant man smoking pipe.


日本語版ウェブサイトにシステム上の問題があり、カートに商品が入らないなどのエラーが 起きていましたが、現在は修復されています。  


NEW : Long Blowfish by Minoru Nagata

Minoru Nagata’s Long Blowfish is an emphatic demonstration of his artistic brilliance and skill as a carver. The side panels are flecked with intense birdseye grain while the top and bottom are distinguished with strong contrasting straight lines. The large bowl has a teardrop profile that points to the shank and flares outward to the […]

Chestnut Bamboo by Satoshi Kosaka A hearty long bamboo pipe reflecting an earthy traditional Japanese Edo aesthetic. The long bamboo shank gives the pipe a light organic feel while the large speckled grain bowl will offer the owner and lovely long smoke with their favourite tobacco. A wonderful handmade pipe offered at a fine price.


Minoru Nagata: Shizuku (Morta) with tamper

An exclusive pipe from Minoru Nagata. Shaped with an exacting hand Mr Nagata has offered our customers an incredible one-of-a-kind creation using lustrously polished black morta wood. The pipe is evidently well balanced with a flat bottom. The rim has a beautiful tear drop shape and the flared shank marries the stem with a coin […]