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New Pipes are Available!

Beautiful work from the Tajima workshop! DOLOMITES FREE International Shipping! Dolomites: a novel take on a mountain-shaped pipe. Its rugged, craggy form is enhanced by a unique rustication and kaleidoscopic multicolored stain. LINK: Tatsuo Tajima: DOLOMITES EARTHEN STEP FREE International Shipping! Influenced by BIZEN ceramics, the EARTHEN STEP pipe is a genuine embodiment of old Japanese aesthetics. LINK: Tatsuo Tajima: […]



In the southern part of the German federal country of Brandenburg lives Tobias Höse, his friends call him “Hoesy”, with his Bonsai garden. His garden lights up in autumn when the tree miniatures turn red, yellow, and orange. The name “Bonsai Pipes” is inspired by his hobby. Patience and passion are the two attributes that […]


Christmas PIPE SALE 2023

Our pipe sale starts today! December 22nd to January 1st. Take a look at our unique selection of pipes now discounted for a limited time!

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 8.57.39 AM


Our summer pipe sale begins today! 10-20% off selected pipes. International Shipping is FREE. June 27th to July 4th. We are offering a rare opportunity for smokers who haven’t tried a handmade pipe before. We have some beautiful creations that might be within your budget.


NEW pipes from Kenichiro Sakurai

Mr. Sakurai is offering 2 new beautiful blowfish pipes to our customers. Each pipe is textured with a fine even sandblast. A gorgeous colorful band joins the stem and shank. BLOWFISH BLACK VELVET Kenichiro Sakurai: BLOWFISH BLACK VELVET BLOWFISH (Brown) Kenichiro Sakurai: BLOWFISH (Brown)


NEW pipes from Tatsuo Tajima

Pendulum Sitter A charming reverse calabash pipe. Tatsuo Tajima: PENDULUM SITTER SOLSTICE An example of Mr. Tajima’s mastery of his craft. Tatsuo Tajima: SOLSTICE METAMORPHOSIS Mr. Tajima’s boundless imagination is presented to us again with this surreal gem. Tatsuo Tajima: METAMORPHOSIS


2 New Pipes from Satoshi Kosaka

DUBLIN FREE International Shipping! At a distance, this beautiful pipe has a strong masculine profile while up close you’re greeted with comforting friendly curves. A warm mahogany stain helps to accentuate the pipe’s defined grain. Straight lines bloom outward from the base to the periphery of the bowl while the huge rim boasts a pageant […]