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Satoshi Kosaka 小坂怜 5917 FREEHAND

An unpretentious, well built, bamboo shank pipe made from the expert hand of Mr Satoshi Kosaka. 🙂 This three knuckle bamboo pipe has a cutty profile bowl with a smooth front and a rough textured back. The slightly curved stem is connected to the shank with an acrylic knuckled band. Solid and bold in construction […]

Satoshi Kosaka a

Pipe Artisan Profile: Satoshi Kosaka Pipe artisan Satoshi Kosaka was born in Nagoya City in 1989. A spiritual man, Mr Kosaka studied Shintoism and Buddhism and was an apprentice priest at a Shinto temple. Besides religion Mr Kosaka has always had an interest in the arts. His mother is a reputable Japanese calligraphy artist and teacher. In 2010 Mr […]