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Hello Happy new year from Southern California. I just want to let you know that the pipe arrived safe and sound beautiful. It is a fantastic piece of work and I’m very happy with it. And the presentation everything overall was just delightful. Thank you again for such a good price and for doing […]

Minoru Nagata`s “Native” pipe Minoru Nagata`s “Native” pipe follows the Japanese garden aesthetics of “Shin”, “Gyo” and “So”. This can be found from the pipe`s straight lines, gentle curves and rough textured edges. The tiger tooth bowl displays soft, finely striped, vertical grain. The shank is a long, thin bamboo stem that is reinforced with a small stainless […]

Minoru Nagata`s “Kiseru Morta” pipe. Mr Nagata`s Kiseru Morta is another gem from his SSP (short smoking pipe) series. The small stem and bamboo shank are connected by a rounded morta band. The handsome bowl has a well defined polished rim giving it a robust look despite it`s small size. The bamboo is in mint condition and the bowl […]


Minoru Nagata: Shizuku Drop ( Reverse Calabash ) The “Shizuku Drop” pipe is an other example of Mr Nagata`s hard work and genius. Although the bowl may look thick and heavy the morta wood gives it a lightweight feel. The bowl has been tapered in the middle, giving it a sexy hourglass silhouette. As it conically expands from the centre, the rim […]


Minoru Nagata: Balance This pipe presents itself with a long pencil shank and a large cone shaped bowl while blanketed with bold fiery grain and a matte finish. Mr Nagata has also mated this pipe with a lovely briar tamper that is banded with acrylic and morta rings and finished with a copper cap.