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Dear The pipes arrived in very good order, and they are both delightful. They confirm my belief that Mr. Nagata is among the best carvers and designers in the world. Thank you very much indeed. SG California


Merry Christmas Everyone! We would like to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To celebrate this festive season we are going to extend the winter sale past Christmas and into the New Year holiday. Since this is the busiest time of the year for the post office we will be […]

SMIO Satou

Smio Satou: Bamboo Billiard A bamboo shank pipe is a rare creation from Mr Satou. This sandblasted pipe has a lovely red stain and a carbonized bowl. Leading to the flared mouthpiece is a straight three knuckle bamboo shank. A fourth knuckle has been created using Mr Satou`s trademark, rainbow band. Well done Mr Satou !


Japanese Fable: SHITAKIRI SUZUME SHITAKIRI SUZUME Once upon a time there lived a poor old woodcutter with his wife, who earned their living by cutting wood and fishing. The old man was honest and kind but his wife was arrogant and greedy. One morning, the old man went into the mountains to cut timber and saw an injured […]

More information about the Suzume Sparrow pipe :-)

Mr Nagata has created a masterpiece that was inspired by the story, “Shita kiri Suzume”. The story is based on the purity of friendship. The heart shaped pipe is segmented into three sections. Stem, reverse calabash chamber and the bowl. The acrylic, marbled stem is gently curved and connected to a beautifully polished, reverse calabash […]