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Showcase Selection

We offer an eclectic choice of pipes for our customers. Come and take a peek at the interesting treasures on our website. FREE International Shipping! Minoru Nagata: KOTORI ( 小鳥 )Reverse Calabash A sweet reverse calabash with wide tiger stripe grain. Exquisite work. Minoru Nagata: KOTORI ( 小鳥 )Reverse Calabash Danilo Gheppo: CHOCOLATE TOMATO […]


3 NEW pipes from Chris Kelly available at

FREE International Shipping! Chris Kelly is an artisan who takes inspiration from 19th and early 20th Century gothic stories. OPIUM A Lovecraft-inspired gem.  The bowl is exceptionally deep offering a lovely long smoke. Chris Kelly: OPIUM SLENDERMAN A dark blue Cumberland stem joins a long elegant pencil shank. The Dublin bowl is tall and deep […]



3 New Pipes from the Kosaka workshop. All pipes are available at . International Shipping is free. Satoshi Kosaka’s TAISHO A pipe that reflects the image of the TAISHO era. An era is known as a peaceful progressive time in Japanese history. Satoshi Kosaka: TAISHO Satoshi Kosaka’s BAMBOO SITTER A handsome pipe with a […]