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Long Shank Brandy by Danilo Gheppo

A lovely pipe with Mr Ghetto’s signature angel hair grain covering the sides of the bowl and shank. The base is covered in birdseye grain that merges from the shank and spreads over the bottom. The bowl is quite large and has a cone shape reminding you of a volcano. The unique stem is  curved to […]


SUMMER SALE : SMIO smooth bent Dublin.

This pipe will be discounted until the end of August. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. A beautiful pipe made by master artisan SMIO Sato. A large flawless piece of briar coated with his famous tsuishu Japanese lacquer. Mr SMIO’s work is coveted by many serious pipe collectors in Japan and around the world.


NEW : VOLCANO by Danilo Gheppo

Mr Ghetto’s long experience working with raw briar is obvious when looking at this sublime pipe. Flawless, long strands of angel hair grain wrap around the bowl as if the artisan himself had used a paint brush to illustrate his creation. Small thin lines mark the side panels of the shank adding to a matching […]


NEW : “Brandy” by Danilo Gheppo

A lovely pipe with a delicious shape !  A cute “Brandy” that is evenly balanced with flawless briar. The bottom is peppered with finely tight birdseye grain while vertical strands of angel hair wrap around the bow and the shank. A gorgeous marbled band marries the shank to the stem.  A brilliant masterpiece from our […]

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NEW: Ancient Cup by Tatsuo Tajima

There has been a resurgence of interest in ancient Japanese history. Recently the Emperor NINTOKU’s grave in Sakai city ( Osaka Prefecture ) has just attained a World Heritage Status and has been the focus of many TV documentaries.  Tatsuo Tajima’s ANCIENT CUP is a reflection on this romantic time period. This piece is a […]


NEW : Dragon Tooth by Tatsuo Tajima

Another fun design from Tatsuo Tajima ! This pipe has a combination of smooth and sandblast texture. The bowl’s side profile and rim exposes lively straight grain. Between the stem and the sandblasted shank a polished smooth segment of briar acts as a connecting band. A brass ring helps to reinforce the stem’s connection. A […]


Tatsuo Tajima : GEM

A birdseye lover’s delight ! For every pipe artisan the first challenge is the initial decision to decide which design is best suited to compliment the briar’s best qualities. Tatsuo Tajima reserves his freehand GEM shape for only the BEST briar that falls into his hands. Mr Tajima brilliantly produces a flat top panel platform […]


Kim Jong Wook’s Short Blowfish ( Dark )

A familiar shape from the Kim workshop.  Unlike his previous blowfish pipes, Mr Kim has applied a mystical two toned colour to this masterpiece.  The pipe is baptized with a rich dark stain magnifying the wood’s dark veins.  A warm orange aura compliments the pipes presentation.  These two unique features gives one the impression of a […]