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Hello Happy new year from Southern California. I just want to let you know that the pipe arrived safe and sound beautiful. It is a fantastic piece of work and I’m very happy with it. And the presentation everything overall was just delightful. Thank you again for such a good price and for doing […]


Minoru Nagata`s “Native” pipe Minoru Nagata`s “Native” pipe follows the Japanese garden aesthetics of “Shin”, “Gyo” and “So”. This can be found from the pipe`s straight lines, gentle curves and rough textured edges. The tiger tooth bowl displays soft, finely striped, vertical grain. The shank is a long, thin bamboo stem that is reinforced with a small stainless […]


Minoru Nagata: Shizuku Drop ( Reverse Calabash ) The “Shizuku Drop” pipe is an other example of Mr Nagata`s hard work and genius. Although the bowl may look thick and heavy the morta wood gives it a lightweight feel. The bowl has been tapered in the middle, giving it a sexy hourglass silhouette. As it conically expands from the centre, the rim […]


Ryohei Domoto: Short Blowfish When Mr Domoto first sliced into this block of wood he immediately realized that “Mother Nature” had blessed it with beautiful grain. Seeing that it was`t just any regular piece of briar, Mr Domoto decided that a bold “Blowfish” shape would be best suited to display this gem. The left and right panels frame […]



Dear, On Wednesday the pipe finally arrived at the depot here in Edinburgh and I picked it up. Many thanks for the fast shipment and the safe packaging. As for the pipe itself, it is absolutely stunning! The shape and proportions are simply perfect and the finish is superb. I’ve just had some quiet […]