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Ryohei Domoto`s “Red Carnelian” pipe now available! Ryohei Domoto`s “Red Carnelian” pipe is a sublime piece of work. The round bulbous theme starts from the stem and echoes to the bowl. The pipe is dressed with a beautiful coat of dark red stain giving the grain a deep luxurious look. The freehand shape is slightly asymmetrical yet balanced. Well done Mr […]


Ryohei Domoto`s Bamboo Mountain pipe Ryohei Domoto`s “Bamboo Mountain” pipe beautifully expresses a very unique charm! This long five knuckle shank pipe showcases some of the freshest looking bamboo this shop has ever come across. Mr Domoto begins the rhythmic pulse of the pipe from the stem. The first knuckle is made from ebonite and kicks off the pipe`s […]

Ryohei Domoto: Short Blowfish When Mr Domoto first sliced into this block of wood he immediately realized that “Mother Nature” had blessed it with beautiful grain. Seeing that it was`t just any regular piece of briar, Mr Domoto decided that a bold “Blowfish” shape would be best suited to display this gem. The left and right panels frame […]


Artisan Profile : Otsuka Shunji ( 大塚 俊治 )

 1949年大阪生まれ、大阪育ち。  大学時代アメリカへ2年間放浪の旅に出、レザークラフトと出会う。  帰国後、趣味としてレザークラフトを始めてから革の世界にのめりこむ。その後、独学で素材知識や鞄の製法技術を身に付ける。  1970年代の第1次レザークラフトブームに乗り、多種多様な革製品と手掛け、技術・知識を磨く。  1974年大阪鰻谷において、ヌメ革を主にバッグなどの革製品を製作発表すると場として工房・ショップをオープンさせ、さらに「革」を極める。  2001年より大阪南船場に工房「OLA」を構え、革工芸教室を主宰して若手の育成に当たり、多くのプロ作家を輩出。  また、学生時代にはプロバンドでベースギターを担当した「ミュージシャン」。好奇心旺盛な大の音楽好き


Ryohei Domoto`s “Honeysuckle” pipe Just like the flower, this pipe presents itself with a modest profile, but when taking a closer look we can see that it is a majestic piece of work. The stem molds into the simple two knuckle bamboo shank followed by the smooth egg shaped bowl. The bowl is drapped with a rare yellow […]


Tatsuo Tajima`s “Rasen”(螺旋 ) pipe When hard work and skill are infused into a brilliant imaginative mind, surreal creations such as the RASEN pipe are made. The twisting shape starts from the tip of the stem and expands its way to the rim of the bowl expressing the sensation of energy and flow.



Dear, On Wednesday the pipe finally arrived at the depot here in Edinburgh and I picked it up. Many thanks for the fast shipment and the safe packaging. As for the pipe itself, it is absolutely stunning! The shape and proportions are simply perfect and the finish is superb. I’ve just had some quiet […]