Pipe Artisan Profile : Steffen Mueller.


Mr Steffen Mueller is a native of Stuttgart Germany and has been a pipe smoker for over 30 years. He has a fondness for Latakia, Virginia and Perique tobacco blends.

Mr Mueller`s passion for pipe making began in 2009. He Initially made some pipes for himself and his pipe smoking friends. It didn`t take long for him to develop a positive reputation within his neighbouring pipe smoking communities and in 2010 Mr Mueller made a workshop and devoted himself to pipe making on a part-time basis. Over the years he has studied with Bertram Saffering, Conelius Manz and Roger Wallenstein.

When Mr Mueller plans to make a pipe, his first priority in mind is functionality. His pipes are engineered to provide a pleasant experience for the smoker. Afterwards, the pipe should show a unique artistic expression. In his own words, “My aim is to challenge the imagination of the perceiver”; “The pipe is a means of transporting and arousing emotions”; “I make have to have a certain kind of fluidity to them. They must be an adventure for the eye and the hand as well”.

Mr Mueller chooses his briar from a variety of locations such as Spain, France, Italy and Greece. He likes to choose a specific piece of wood that correlates to the design that he plans on creating.

Recently the demand for his work has become so great that from of 2015 Mr Mueller has become a full-time pipe artisan. At tobaccopipesjapan.com we are very grateful to be the first pipe shop in Japan to offer his workmanship.