Satoshi Kosaka a

Pipe Artisan Profile: Satoshi Kosaka

Pipe artisan Satoshi Kosaka was born in Nagoya City in 1989.

A spiritual man, Mr Kosaka studied Shintoism and Buddhism and was an apprentice priest at a Shinto temple. Besides religion Mr Kosaka has always had an interest in the arts. His mother is a reputable Japanese calligraphy artist and teacher.

In 2010 Mr Kosaka took up pipe smoking and tried making his own pipes for himself. Through personal experimentation and some help from other Japanese pipe carvers Mr Kosaka`s craftsmanship improved. In 2013 he won a prize for “FINE WORK”. This award encouraged him to keep refining his art and in 2016 he won the first prize and the Kuwabata prize at the Tokyo Pipe Show.

Mr Kosaka is heavily influenced by Danish pipe makers and incorporates Japanese aesthetics into his pipe making.

While taking breaks from his carving, he enjoys smoking Virginia flake tobacco and often drinks Chinese tea.