NEW : VOLCANO by Danilo Gheppo

Mr Ghetto’s long experience working with raw briar is obvious when looking at this sublime pipe.

Flawless, long strands of angel hair grain wrap around the bowl as if the artisan himself had used a paint brush to illustrate his creation. Small thin lines mark the side panels of the shank adding to a matching look to the side profile. Soft birdseye are found on the top and bottom of the appendage.

The base consists of smokey birdseye grain with punctuations of chiseled texture. The front lip of the base is turned up and slightly curved to the side giving the pipe a gentle asymmetric feel.

The stem is joined to the shank with a marbled thick horn band.

The Volcano pipe is a precious dividend from Mr Gheppo’s long tenure as a briar cutter and pipe making artisan.

Amazing work Mr Gheppo !