Awards and Accolades: Satoshi Naito

An up-and-coming artisan whose talent is garnering a lot of attention in the pipe world.


Mr Naito a native of Tokushima is now residing in Kanagawa.

He first started making pipes professionally in 2017 and has since been a rising star in the pipe world in Asia.

Satoshi Naito’s accolades are very impressive for such a short period of time.

-Kuwabara award (桑原賞) in Tokyo pipe show 2017.

-Technical award (技能賞) in Tokyo pipe show 2019

-Design award (造形賞) in Tokyo pipe show 2019

-Visitor’s award(来場者賞 like popularity vote) in Tokyo pipe show 2019

Additionally, he won the 14th world pipe smoking championship in 2018.

We are very grateful to have the chance to offer his pipes to our customers.